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About the CCSRN
Clark County Resource Network is an offshoot of the San Diego chapter North County Women’s Network which was founded by Jessica Kensinger in 2005. There Jessica noticed a total lack of organizations that allowed women to break free of isolation and depression aside from programs which either labeled “needy” in other terms or required the individual to seek attention from a professional whose ethical boundaries prohibited them from actual friendship. After two years in Las Vegas, Jessica decided to change the program to include men, though segregated in group meetings, in attempt to expand her ability to truly serve the whole public.
Jessica Kensinger: Founder/Executive Director Jessica Kensinger
Founder/Executive Director
Lauri Kaye: Chief Financial Officer Lauri Kaye
Chief Financial Officer
Jorie Henrickson: Executive Secretary Jorie Henrickson
Executive Secretary
Dr. Sam (Sammy) Schwartz: Executive Mentor Dr. Sam (Sammy) Schwartz
Executive Mentor
Kalika Moquin Kalika Moquin

Additional Board Members
Corey Donahue Corey Donahue Nicole Patterson Nicole Patterson
Steve Baez Steve Baez Anna Whitten Anna Whitten
Steve Harrison Steve Harris

Honorary Female Members
Nancy Castillo Nancy Castillo Kelly Johnston Kelly Johnston
Cody Hammond Cody Hammond Virginia McClinton Virginia McClinton

Honorary Male Members
Dan Araujo Dan Araujo Lance Sherman Lance Sherman
Brian Kip Brian Kip Sam Adamson Sam Adamson
Donny Davis Donny Davis Nadar Cheetney Nadar Cheetney

Supporting VIP Hosts
Jeff Davis Jeff Davis Clarence McGee Clarence McGee

Supporting Marketing Hosts
Dan Yllanes Dan Yllanes Ariel Xaubet Ariel Xaubet
Levon James Levon James

Supporting Entertainers
DJ Miss Dust DJ Miss Dust Miss Fully Loaded Miss Fully Loaded
DJ Joey Mazzola DJ Joey Mazzola

Supporting Photographers
Marvin Avilla Marvin Avilla Michael Perez Michael Perez
Paparazzi Photography Paparazzi Photography

Supporting Staff
Jaime Kensinger: Editor Jaime Kensinger
Michael Schaedel: Website Developer Michael Schaedel
Website Developer
Eric Yano: Event Co-ordinator Eric Yano
Event Co-ordinator
Las Vegas Strip
Our Editor’s guide to Las Vegas
“Our editor tells her side of the Vegas nightlife story with suggestions for tourists and some shameful nightlife booboos…”
Editor's Favorites
Our Editor’s Favorite Nightclub Reviews
“Our editor reviews some of the strips best, brightest, and most hook–up friendly nightclubs…”
Brandon Hein - An American Injustice
Brandon Hein
An American Injustice
Life in Prison: The Felony Murder Rule in California
Las Vegas Weddings
Las Vegas Weddings
Clark County Social Resource Network also aids couples in preparing affordable weddings. Our wedding planning services are free. We can work with and supplement any budget to make a lavish and/or eloquent wedding service and reception. We are always willing to work in conjunction with local chapels but we seek to free locals of having to deal with the stereotype of the Vegas wedding.
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